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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 9, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos from the web right here, "right this minute." extreme sports fans turn into extreme hooligans. >> like laughing and high fiving each other. >> scaring drivers and shooting flairss fit for a bunch of jackals. a paraguiding flight goes out of control. >> spinning spinning spinning and then crash. >> why this video is not what you think. >> had me tooled. >> a riveting new series putting u.s. loggers on siberian soil.
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>> some are calling it a new cold war. >> meet an american who went head-to-head with the russians. >> they pretty much live up to the hype. >> plus pansy the hippo porpoise and a viral war cry. >> give it all you got. go. why no one is safe from wimpy goat, not even godzilla. >> there's a popular event in mount peel yer france called the international festival of extreme sports. people probably get pretty pumped up. you would hope they would keep that within the gates itself. ins this case according to the poster of the video some drunk guys who had attended this extreme sports festival. >> gosh. >> started attacking a car as it was trying to cross a bridge. they're laughing and high fiving each other and jumping and celebrating and toasting their drinks. >> like a pack of hyenas. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> at one point you see them
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take a bike out of the car. they just throw it off the bridge. that's what these guys are looking at. >> and the driver still in the car. >> i would not feel bad about pressing the gas pedal and speeding out of there. you're being attacked. >> right. >> i think i would hit the gas too. floor it and get out of there. honestly. >> they could have pulled the driver out and beat the driver senseless. >> throw the driver over the bridge too. >> right. >> boy oh, boy. >> not the only video that's popping up from the post event. in this video on instagram you see guys shooting flairs at each other. looks like they're trying to play a game of war in the road hiding behind the bushes. on top of another car, this time a jeep. i think that driver did decide to hit the gas but the guys hung on and went for a ride on that jeep. >> the thing is you can hit the gas like we're saying but with all that weight bogging your car down your car might not go anywhere. >> this is scary. i can't imagine what it was like for the driver. >> according to the poster of
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the video police did show up about two hours after the video was shot but no word on if there were any arrests made. skies above where there's awesome paragliding flight. first person view from the takeoff. look at that. nice green field laying out. almost looks like the guy might be holding the camera. little wobbly. maybe that wobble was sort of foreshadowing something. towards the end of this flight things go real wrong. >> oh. >> here's another view of that incident. >> oh. >> that's awful. >> isn't that bad? >> he hit with a thud. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> well this third video shows you guys what happened to this pilot. absolutely nothing because it's a toy paraglider. >> oh. >> what? >> yeah. total fakeout.
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there's the pilot standing safely on the ground launching his rc paraglider up into the air. there he goes. so small. >> looked to me like the power foil or something got wadded up and spun around. >> might need to keep practicing with this. >> had me fooled. >> had you fooled. had a couple of our producers fooled at first too. i looked at it, wow. >> there aren't many businesses out there to be skilled in, right. you can be good at things, better at other things. this is not the business you want to be good at. this is the business of being a bad guy. according to the police, this fella is -- this is their words, in the business of defeating alarms and breechg depositories. this is video from one of two separate gas station robberies that happened in massachusetts. early a.m. on june 1st.
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see this guy covered up pretty good. they say he sort of new the layout of these places, knew where the security systems were and how to disable them. he goes to work on an a it tm with some sort of saw you see sparks. the police released this video because they want people to help identify this guy. >> the dude is well covered up. it's going to be really difficult. >> so good at getting in and disabling things and getting what he came for. probably not going to leave many traces behind. >> you got a good shot of his eyes there. somebody would have to see this that knows this guy and say wait, i think i know that face. >> now from one sort of atm break- in to another. this one's from prince george county in maryland. they say there has been 25 cases since june of 2013 where thieves have gotten away with atms from various locations. in this video you're going to see a group of guys go to work at a gas station here.
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then, of course, the crude method of just trying to sort of knock the thing off its bolts to try to get it out of there. these guys unsuccessful in getting away with the atm. they do get into the register in this video and you'll see one of the guys here taking all the cash that they can find out of the cash register. you see these guys get away in the van, but prince george county police asking people to call in if they have any tips because this is another thing where hey, they're going to need the public's help to identify these guys. angela rearden gets to check one thing off his bucket list. in 2011 diagnosed with hodgkins disease. now that he's in remission, he is checking off things on his bucket list and one of them was to swim with sharks. here he is off the coast of cork. he's got a camera in the air and watch what he spots. a beautiful basking shark in the water. >> oh. >> that's awesome. >> you can see it next to the boat and i think it might be a
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little bit longer than that boat but it's beautiful and serene. he got the beautiful imagery. after he shot the video, he jumped in the water. >> that's cool. looks like some sort of mythical creature he came upon. >> i just think that's absolutely beautiful that he was able to do this and check this off his bucket list. >> i'm glad they got video footage of it because it is stunning. >> also in the water, a hippo. although i think that hippo thinks she's a porpoise at the zoo in australia. she is a baby. what may be mom is in the water already. when she gets in the water she's a little frisky, going to start jumping and leaping. >> oh. this is awesome. this is the perfect child hippo moment. >> yeah. look at how much bigger mom is. >> yeah. >> that is scary. >> i don't see her hop and skip but this is adorable. her keeper said they had never seen her exhibiting behavior like this so they got out the camera to see what she was
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doing. >> just having fun. >> better jump now because when she's the size of mom in a few years i don't think you can get off the ground. >> i don't think their knees are that strong. >> no. >> a firefighters blowing smoke to get his girlfriend on the scene of their proposal. >> she thinks she's going to be doing traffic control. >> his elaborate plan to pop the question. people roll up to get their car washed but then -- >> they run into the mobile 1 pit crew. the formula 1 team, packing their car. >> why the speedy surprise doesn't end there. avavo o : : ththisis i is s. this is paul's office. fofor r ththosose e whwhoe a serious job dodoesesn'n't t hahaveve t to o. onone e a a daday y memen'n's h key nutrients like b-vitamins. alall l ththe e fufun n ofof s a complete multivitamin.
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the u-verse revolves around you
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who knew that for one group their quest for the american dream would take them all the way to siberia. >> this opportunity feels like life or death to me. >> no more talk. make some [ bleep ] money. >> the group i'm talking about loggers, people working in the forestry industry. this is a clip from a new series called "siberian cut" airing tuesdays on discovery channel, 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> place to land. we're in the middle of nowhere. >> going to kill you. >> i'm not hearing what you're saying. >> some are calling it a new cold war because these americans who are working in the forestry industry now in russia have to work alongside russians. >> in america this means get out of the way. >> get the [ bleep ] back. >> [ bleep ].
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>> [ bleep ]. >> you zero. >> great. this is dramatic. >> you got to be friends because siberia is cold and if you get in trouble in russia that's where they send you as punishment. >> for some people like joe, 31 years old, this is a chance to get back on his feet. >> we've been looking for some way to get back on our feet. >> the future is in russia. this is an awesome opportunity. >> episode one was a huge success. episode two airing this tuesday. we've got 31-year-old joe joining us right this minute from the montana/wyoming border back in the states after working in siberia. a lot of you would think you're going to go to siberia to work. what the heck are you thinking? why? tell us the reasons why you chose to go? >> money. it just comes down to money. when this opportunity popped up i was ready to go, let's do it. >> what's the biggest misconception about russia that we have?
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>> [ bleep ] the russian way. i'm tired of this. >> they pretty much live up to the hype. they're hard, tough, but once you crack through that hard exterior or whatever then they're like the first guys to give you a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. once you're in you're in? >> we saw some dangerous circumstances. tell us about some of the challenges you had? >> really the roads and getting around and parts and oil and maintenance for the machines. and when you're in the forest you're chest deep in snow. it's easy to drop a tree on somebody because they can't get out of the way. everything. what is the dangerous part of being in siberia is everything. this is in a bad way to take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary. people in london drove up to a car wash to get their rides buffed and run into the mobile one pit crew the formula 1 team, packing their car, washing it all down.
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now that's pretty cool. that looks like a lot of fun. >> like a two-second car wash. >> and these people have no idea that this is happening. even get the pit lane girls coming up there to escort you out of your car. so the interior team can go to work. vacuum everything down. wipe it all clean. look who else pulls up. your countrymen. jensen button, formula 1 race car champion. coming in to get his car washed too. these people have no idea. wait. is that -- it sure is. ♪ >> mate. >> shaking hands with the people, taking selfies. that's a pretty neat day. >> that's looks good on him too. >> and all this put together by mobile 1. do you think they didn't know? >> yeah. i believe it. mobile 1's done a couple different stunts like this every day real life stunts and these people may have noticed something was up when they saw camera crews and a lot of people, but --
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>> that's cool though. >> yeah. >> there's a lot of smoke, but there is no fire. what you're about to watch is the houston fire department help jesse. he's a firefighter. >> today i'm going to be proposing to my beautiful girlfriend who is a police officer with the houston police department. today's idea is to stage a fake house on fire and have her respond to it. >> he's gone to a fellow firefighters house and turned on a smoke police and they send olga. >> she's here. >> she thinks she's going to be doing traffic control. >> they have a fake fire alarm, couple fire trucks. eventually shows up. >> has no idea what's going on. >> this looks really legit. people from different departments there, guys are in full uniform. who would know that this is not an actual fire? >> exactly. she's there, standing doing her police duty. here it comes. ♪ >> he walks up to her. that's her in the red hair. drops to a knee and you know
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what happens next. that's what it looks like when a firefighter kisses somebody. >> should have cuffed him right there and. like gotcha. >> kind of overwhelmed that so many people participated in this whole thing. >> what would stink if there was a fire call. the cops needed to go the firefighters needed to go. >> anybody going to take care of this fire. >> i'm wondering about the neighbors that didn't know this was fake. >> somebody put out the fire! >> don't let it spread to my house. >> cute. that's cool. bringing all their friends together and do this. >> here they are, good-looking couple. here's the ring. >> wow. >> not bad. >> it's a simple rule of driving. >> if you're going to change lanes what do you do? >> signal. >> how the only signal given here is to watch out. and dude is rigging up a crazy contraption because he's -- >> about to go for a ride. >> why this device is truly nuts. >> oh, no. >> no way. [ grunts ] what? you expect me to stay up there all day?
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use only as directed. welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out "right this minute." great videos all darn day long. enjoy. the two videos i'm about to show you, don't do any of it. very simple rule on the road, if you're going to change lanes what do you do? >> signal. >> and? >> look to see. right? >> oh, man. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> hate to see that. >> the dude who calls the wreck didn't get hit. >> not even a tiny small scratch. that guy as you can see just goes to change lanes, don't even look like the blinker was on. sends the other vehicle off to the shoulder and ends up basically pulling a 360 after hitting the guardrail in the center. looks like the car basically became a bunch of little pieces. >> just crazy because the one car keeps going. >> yeah. >> this one crashes all around it while the other one just keeps going straight.
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>> yeah. fortunately the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident does stop and looks like two people get out and start walking toward the other vehicle. at least they did the right thing. >> yeah. >> in that situation. >> what an easy thing to prevent. use your awareness. >> right. >> and you would think simple awareness would have prevented this little incident here. >> whoa. he walked right up to the side of that van. >> didn't even look. >> what? >> looking -- >> that's the saddest thing i've ever seen. the most unaware person ever to cross the road? as he's running across the lane he's looking the wrong way. should have been looking this other way. >> in the direction the traffic is coming. might as well have had a blindfold on and ran into traffic. ♪ many of us are familiar with the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention. here's a video that shows that in action. check out luis here. luis has this crazy looking contraption. he's going to demonstrate what
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it's for. first straps this first metal rack around the tree and he's got this second metal rack below. he wraps that around the tree. >> i'm hooked. i'm dieing to see what this is going to do because there's a seat on it. why is there a bike seat on that thing? >> this guy is about to go for a ride. check this out. hops on. his contraption. saddles up. this boy can climb. >> oh, no. >> no way. >> no way. this is a tree climbing contraption. >> it is. when you need a coconut you call luis and he brings his contraption in. now this thing is very effective. works well. seems to be a bit safer than just climbing a tree with just your hands and feet. and it's nimble too. luis demonstrating he can go up an down with this thing. and you got some coconuts on the other side of the tree. no problem. because the thing can slide around to the side to. >> hope he patented this. now that it's on youtube somebody could steal it. >> i am so in love with luis
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right now. smart, very athletic and he can get me coconuts. >> this is the guy you want to have on the desert island. >> right. >> yes. >> or at least the contraption. >> yeah. >> some newborn us. make themselves at home. >> tiny little itsy bitsy sofas. >> kicking off the dog days of summer next. ♪ ♪
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[ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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start exploring at community. >> check out my ride. >> kitty just wants to play. ♪ i guarantee you've not seen
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anything this darn cute. that is a five-day-old puppy. two of them. >> what? saw the little mini sofa. >> and tiny little itsy bitsy sofas. >> where do you get a sofa that big? >> like little couch potatoes, living potatoes. >> they just keep falling off, keep rolling off the couch. >> it's adorable. >> man. >> what a weird thing to think of but i'm glad somebody did. >> what else is darn cute. this is faucet. she at this point is only two days old. >> oh. ♪ >> scared me. >> she is the latest viral video goat. weed a had this video on the show. the video has gone crazy viral. what are people to do but dub it
3:58 pm
into taylor swift's "trouble." ♪ lying on the cold hard ground ♪ >> historical. >> any type you put a screaming goat in taylor swift's song it's good watching. >> taylor swift isn't the only one getting goat dubbed. >> it's also "godzilla." >> scary, isn't it? >> yeah. >> doesn't end there. >> give it all you got go. >> oh. >> i like it. >> making this goat the scariest goat ever. >> not so cute in that one. >> yeah. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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